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Working on DNA

Click on Download DNA to generate a copy of your DNA workbook. This will take several minutes if its the first time - you can continue with other tasks by opening a new window. When the file download is ready, the dialog window will disappear and the DNA copy can be opened or saved.

To view a summary of the DNA load, click on View DNA Load Summary. Note the number of rows loaded per gene and reconcile values to ensure that all records were loaded correctly.

Clicking on View the Clone Cost Estimate displays the clone running cost per hour (in real time, not simulated time). This gives you an estimate of the clone’s running costs.

To view the floorplans of any of your facilities, click on View Facility. This will open a new page and you will see your facilities in the facilities drop-down. Select a facility and click on Floorplan. OC will display a floorplan for the facility chosen according to the DNA data with locations drawn to scale and the travel nodes and links shown. The three sliders in the control panel allow you to vary the height (in meters and levels) of locations displayed as well as zoom in and out.You can choose a metric and OC will colour the locations accordingly. At this stage you can only use the metrics that are not time dependent. These are: (i) location type; (ii)locations; and zones.


Download DNA

View facilities floorplan - dropdown

Facility floorplan - no metrics

View floorplan - zone example