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Building a clone

View clone progress and results

To view in-progress results click on View Progress. From there you can choose to view:

View clone progress - charts

For graphical and table driven analysis, click on Charts. By default, OC selects the current clone and displays nodes in that clone. OC displays the other clones that were created using a compatible version of core OC software. You can select other clones if you want to compare KPIs across clones. When you select other clones, OC updates the Node Selection to show which network nodes are common to the clones selected and which are not. You can now select the network nodes that you want to analyse and compare.

You can now proceed with the selection of the KPIs.

KPIs are summarised by category. You can analyse any combination of KPIs that exists as the same level (i.e. node or facility) across the categories presented.

To select a KPI simply expand the category and select the KPIs that you are interested in.

The KPI categories are:

After making your KPI selection, retrieve the data by clicking Get Data and start your analysis.

With the Charts view you have two options for viewing the data:

  1. Table format
  2. Motion Charts

Motion Charts allow you to graphically analyse your data. They provide a multi-dimensional, over-time analysis of the data. This provides a powerful way to visualize data in five dimensions: x-axis, y-axis, size of bubble, color of bubble and time.

Motion Chart #1

The first Motion Chart lets you compare KPIs across the clones. Motion Charts plots data as a bubble, bar or line chart. You can use the x-axis, y-axis, size of the bubble and the color of the bubble to represent up to four of the KPIs in your initial selection.

With the bar chart, bars can be ordered alphabetically or by the chosen KPI’s value.

The line chart representation uses the x-axis for time only.

Motion Chart #2

The second Motion Chart is displayed immediately below the first. It lets you to compare any number and combination of the KPIs you selected, limited to a single run and node combination at a time. You can select a run and node combination from the drop-down list above the second Motion Chart.

The data that is displayed in the Motion Charts is shown in table format below the second Motion Chart. You can also download the data in .csv format by clicking on the download icon.

View clone progress - Network, Floorplan and 3D world

To see KPIs displayed across the nodes in the network, click on Network. Here you can visually compare how a KPI varies over time across the network nodes. Normalised values are represented by colour intensity. You can either drag the slider to explore different points in time or click on Play.

To drill down into the details of a facility you can either choose the Floorplan or 3D World options. In the Floorplan view you are limited to zooming in and out to the floorplan view when exloring facility location based KPIs. As in the network view you have a slider with which you can explore specific points in time.

In the 3D World view you have similar options to the Floorplan view, but you are able to explore the Facility from every possible perspective.

At the end of the clone’s run, OC retires the clone and its associated infastructure and moves the results to your account infrastructure. To stop a clone run or schedule a stop click on Stop.


KPI selection

Primary Motion Chart - Bubble

Primary Motion Chart - Bar

Primary Motion Chart - Line

Secondary Motion Chart

Charts - Data grid

Network view

Floorplan - Utilisation

3D World - Utilisation