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Uploading DNA

Once you have entered your DNA in the template spreadsheet you can upload the DNA. Click on Upload DNA, enter a descriptive name for the DNA version, and choose your DNA file.

When you click OK, the browser starts uploading the DNA file. The time it takes to perform the physical upload of the file will depend on the size of your DNA file and the transfer rate of your internet connection. Once the upload is complete, OC performs all the necessary validations as described in Appendix C of the user guide. It is important to note that if this is your first DNA upload, the time taken will be longer, because OC is also setting up your account infrastructure.

If this is the first DNA load, this date will also trigger the start of your monthly subscription billing. The first DNA upload may take between 10 and 30 minutes. Subsequent DNA loads should take between 4 and 15 minutes.

The status sign board will tell you if the load encountered structural or validation errors. To display the errors, click on View Error Log.

You can correct your DNA data in the spreadsheet and repeat the Upload DNA process by using the same name previously used. This will simply over-write what was previously loaded with the new data.

Once you have successfully loaded your DNA you will be able to



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