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The OC model and DNA

The OperationalCloningTM process

An overview The OC process starts by creating a calibrated baseline DNA for your operation, where the KPIs of the associated clone reflect your reality. You can then change, experiment with, analyse and compare copies of the baseline DNA, which in turn helps you to chart the right course. Once that course is agreed on, you can use the OC visualisations to help plan, communicate and implement the changes.

The life-cycle of a DNA version With OC, you can organise your work into projects, each of which will reflect an intended scope. Each project contains different DNA versions that represent the baseline (your current state) and the planned or possible change scenarios (possible future states). The DNA data exists in an Excel workbook that OC uploads and validates before building and running the clone. Each DNA version has a defined life-cycle. The clone exists for a specified period or is manually stopped. During the clone run, you can evaluate in-progress results. Once stopped, OC retires the clone and the final results are ready to be analysed.