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The OC model and DNA

A DNA version contains all the information OC requires to build and run a clone. Every behaviour exhibited by OC is either influenced by the data in the DNA workbook or hardwired as default behaviour.

To ensure that limited effort is required to be able to use the tool, we designed OC using concepts that are commonly used across many supply chain operations. The DNA concepts create a vocabulary with which you can describe your actual or planned operation. Understanding this vocabulary allows you to be effective with the OC tool. We refer to the discrete worksheets in the DNA template workbook as the genes of the DNA. The genes set out below are logical groupings of the concepts that make up the DNA.

Gene grouping What the gene grouping describes
Network, Companies, Facilities and Network Nodes The internal network of facilities and companies in an enterprise.
Physical Infrastructure Costs, Activity Recovery Rates, Local Distribution Zones, Local Distribution Rate Matrix and Local Distribution Rates The logistics costs, 3PL revenue (if applicable) and local distribution rates.
Operational Resources The operational resources that are available to do work related to material handling in the facilities.
SKU Families Demand and Supply, Order Classes, Order Distribution and Geographic Demand Distribution The SKUs that will flow through a network, the suppliers that will ship inventory to the internal network nodes and the nature and physical distribution of the customer orders.
Facilities Floor Areas, Facilities Zones, Facilities Location Sizes, Facilities Aisles, Facilities Aisles Levels, Facilities Travel Nodes, Aisle Faces to Travel Link The physical and logical design of the facilities in a network as well as the traffic flow within these facilities.
Facilities Outbound Packaging The packing material to use in the outbound packing process (for example, different sizes of cartons available)
Process Decisions, Carrier Service Selection, Carrier Service Parameters, Standard Times The process related aspects of a network.


The data in the genes are defined at Network, Facility and Facility/Company - Function level. OC expects data to exist for all Network, Facility and Facility/Company - Function combinations except Facilities Zones.

There are two distinct phases in which DNA concepts have an influence on the clone: the build of the clone, and the clone run.

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