How it works

The process

How to get started

How the OC process fits in

Using the OC software

The OC model and DNA

Supported by the software, the OC process improves change and risk management associated with existing supply chain related enterprise processes. These are:

The OC process starts by creating a dense description of the operation, which we call clone DNA in a format prescribed by OC and contained in an Excel workbook. The OC software uploads, explodes the DNA and builds the operational clone. With the clone build complete, OC starts the virtual operating clone. The clone performance measurements (KPIs) can then be analysed. For an existing operation, the resulting KPIs are compared with real-world results. This process is repeated until the clone is calibrated, i.e. KPIs reflect current reality. For a new operation, the DNA can be refined by tuning the design through successive simulations.

Your macro or micro strategic changes are then translated into change packets or transformation steps.

Using the starting DNA, you can create new versions of DNA to reflect the different change scenarios. Each DNA version is cloned, compared and the results analysed.Based on the results comparison, a transformation step is selected and the clone is used to plan implementation and communicate the change.

The change is then implemented and the actual performance compared with the simulated performance. The process then repeats.