How it works

The process

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How the OC process fits in

Using the OC software

The OC model and DNA

How OperationalCloningTM works

OperationalCloningTM (OC) sets up a baseline copy of your supply chain as it is today. Change scenarios are represented as alternate virtual operating environments that can then be compared, analysed and used to communicate planned change.

Like cloning in genetics, the baseline operating clone is a copy of the actual supply chain operation and shares its DNA. In OC, the DNA is a dense description of all the elements required to build and run the operating clone. Extending the analogy, the DNA consists of a number of genes (datasets), that logically group related concepts (definitions of types of data that appears in datasets). The logically grouped genes describe

The network
Cost, 3PL and local distribution rates
Operational resources
SKUs, demand and supply
Outbound packaging
Process decisions, carrier service selection and event standard times