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A project offers a way to organize your work and will relate to a specific scope of work. You will not incur costs until you have started to load your first DNA for your first project. Projects group together the different variations of DNA that relate to the change scenarios planned, which we call simulations.

Simulations can have multiple clones, i.e. you can build clones from the same DNA multiple times. The OC software always knows the current state of a particular project/simulation/clone combination and will guide you to the logical next step or steps. It will only present you with the possible actions based on where you are in the process for a particular project, simulation and clone combination.

To create your first project click on Create Project and enter the project name. Your new project will appear in the drop down list for projects and, and you will see the next possible actions.

If you are not ready to create a project, but want to start working on your DNA data, you can download the DNA template spreadsheet. If you click on DNA Template you can either download the empty template or a template populated with sample data.

If you want to get some experience with analysing the results presented in OC, you can copy completed project examples that have run data. Click on Examples to see a list of projects that can be copied. If your account infrastructure does not exist, it will be created. This date will trigger the start of your monthly subscription billing.



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