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Building a clone

When you are ready to start building and running the clone, click on Build Clone. The build clone dialogue gives you the opportunity to specify the number of virtual run days (1 virtual day = 30 minutes real time). If you do not enter a duration value, the clone will run for 90 virtual days before it is retired.

OC will display a message confirmation that states that it will attempt to start building the clone.

When you click OK on the confirmation message, OC commissions the infrastructure for the building and running of the clone. Depending on the size of your network, this can take up to 40 minutes. Once the infrastructure is in place, you are returned to your starting place and will see the clone run number displayed in the clone drop-down. To see the status of the clone build, select the clone run number. OC will indicate that the clone is being built.

During the build, the OC software:

  1. Builds the network
  2. Loads infrastructure costs, activity recovery rates and carrier distribution rates
  3. Establishes the operational resources required to do the work
  4. Establishes the materials (SKUs) to be moved through the network and the set up of sourcing
  5. Establishes the customers and demand profiles to drive demand generation in the network nodes
  6. Builds the facilities in the network
  7. Slots products in pick faces (if required)
  8. Establishes the outbound packaging material to be used
  9. Establishes the operational rules that will govern the processes in the clone
  10. Establishes a network inventory starting position

The build process can take up to two hours depending on the size of your network.

Once complete, OC will start running the clone. The clone’s start time equals the actual time when the clone build completes and the clone starts running. From this point, OC accelerates time. One real-time second is equal to 48 simulated real-time seconds. For example, it will take 30 minutes to simulate 24 hours of operation.

Once the clone is running you will be able to:

You do not have to wait until the clone run has finished before starting your analysis. Results are gathered while the clone run is in progress.


Build clone

Clone build in progress